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Western and northern suburbs of Donetsk were shelled by UAF last night


Ukrainian subdivisions shelled by mortars western suburb of the DPR’s capital Donetsk, populated house was destroyed. It was reported to DAN by the head of the district Maxim Zhukovskiy. Petrovskiy district of Donetsk was subjected to shelling of the UAF (Ukrainian Armed Forces), as a result of shelling, private house on Shestakova St. 97 in the village Trudovskie was destroyed. ‘Now we are checking is there are other damages on other streets of the district’, Zhukovskiy said. It was pointed out that the shelling was started at 10.30 pm and it was 1,5 hours. The village Staromihaylovka was also shelled. In regard to the provided data, the hostility carried out the shelling from positions in Mariinka. Altogether 17 shells were launched. It was earlier reported that Ukrainian fighters shelled DPR territory about 280 times. Armed nationalistic groups attacked also the northern suburb of Donetsk at night. ‘Ukrainian fighters started shelling the village Zhabichevo at 11 pm, later the airport was subjected to shelling’, it was reported to the agency. According to the data, Ukrainian forces conducted shelling from the villages Peski and Opytnoe, using mortars of 82 mm caliber, grenade launchers and small arms. It is necessary to point out that the 7th ceasefire regime was agreed in Minsk on 13th January 2015, do not forget that it is the 7th ceasefire regime. And we see now that Kiev conduct more intensive shelling day by day with the use of heavy armament, it means that they are still carrying out the genocide of the civilians of Donbass. Be reminded that the president of France Francois Hollande and the chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel had negotiations with Poroshenko. They reminded him about the necessity to hold elections in Donbass republics DPR and LPR. Translated by Nataliya Sinyavskaya
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