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Zakharchenko advised residents of Ukraine does not produce the conveyor tanks for APU


Donetsk, April 20 - DAN. Chapter DNR Alexander Zakharchenko urged residents of Kharkiv region to avoid involvement in the conflict on the side of Ukrainian aggressors or surrender militia. The statements on this subject were made today at the online conference with the residents of Kharkiv region. "With the forks in the tank rush, do not, of course, but it might be worth to make the tanks did not go beyond the plant, or at least the city. If our neighbors avoided involvement in the conflict on the side of the aggressors of Kiev, we will only welcome it, "- said Zakharchenko. He stressed that to avoid participation in armed conflict is possible in Russia or in the Donetsk People's Republic. Otherwise, the Head of State recommended to surrender. "We do not want to fight with those who by force or by means of blackmail drove under appeal. But if not managed to "hang" and got to the front - give up. Peresidit us captive in a quite decent manner, and then, when the conflict is over, safe and sound will return home ", - said the Head. The leader of the DNI said that the attitude of local residents to the territory controlled by the Kiev is "good", because one way or another "suffered and continue to suffer from anti-people and anti-human policy of the Kiev regime." * TB * u Online-conference of the Head of DNR Alexander Zakharchenko.
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