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War Crimes, 11 killed Many Wounded And Some Taken Prisoner This Past Week In Donetsk People’s Republic !


War Crimes , genocide as eleven people have been killed and another nine have received wounds in the past week in the shelling of the Donetsk People’s Republic by Nazi Ukrainian troops, the office of the DPR human rights commissioner Darya Moroz said on Friday. It said that “four civilians and seven republic’s military,” were killed. Data on two more people killed in the shelling of the Yelenovka checkpoint was specified, the Donetsk news agency quoted an office’s representative as saying.

According to the ombudsman’s office, nine people were wounded, including seven civilians. Two DPR residents have been taken prisoner over the past week, and one more person died in an investigative ward in Ukraine’s southwestern city of Odessa.

According to ombudsman office’s official data, 4,044 people have died in the republic since the start of warfare in Donbass. Besides, 6,259 people have been wounded. The Ukrainian side keeps more than 930 people captive.


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