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In the Ministry of communications DPR warned about the failures of "MTS Ukraine", especially in Makeyevka and Donetsk


Failures of the mobile operator "MTS Ukraine" ("Vodafone") began this morning in Donetsk people's Republic by reason of the failure of specialized automatic telephone exchange. This was announced by Minister of communications DPR Victor Yatsenko.

"At "MTS Ukraine" out of order part of the kernel is one MSC (specialized automatic telephone station). Specialists MTS eliminated the damage. At the moment there is the process of restoring the health of the network segment mobile operator MTS," – said Yatsenko.

The Minister said that mobile communication was missing from the town and partly in Donetsk.

Recall that the last failures of the mobile operator "MTS Ukraine" took place on 7th June as a result of sabotage on objects of communication in the area of Marinka, where was cut the transport cables. As a result, the DPR lost signal Ukrainian operator, but during the day the connection was restored.
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