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Participants of the operation
Ukrainian neo-Nazi fighters tried to break through DPR territory yesterday and they shelled Russian journalists


Group of Russian journalists was subjected to shelling close to the Yasinovataya checkpoint, territory controlled by the DPR. It was severe intensive battle. Mortar of 82 mm caliber was used anti-aircraft installations and small arms. Journalists of Russia Today, First channel, Fifth channel and agency RIA Novosti were in the group. Fortunately they were not wounded. Later, they all were delivered to Donetsk. Kiev fighters tried to break through Yasinovataya, northern from Donetsk. Representative of the Defence Ministry added that nationalistic forces use different types of grenade launchers, mortars and other armament. Part of the Yasinovataya road has become one of the hottest places at the contact line lately. Earlier it was reported that Kiev punitives captured buffer zone close to the Yasinovataya road.
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