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Participants of the operation
UAF shelled DPR territory about 700 times for the week, destroyed infrastructure, casualties in DPR Army and civilians wounded


Subdivisions of UAF shelled front DPPR territory 668 times, particularly with the use of heavy armament, losses in the DPR Army, wounded among civilians. It was reported to DAN by the deputy Command-In-Chief of the DPR Defence Ministry Eduard Basurin. ‘Ukrainian side violated the ceasefire regime 164 times for the week, the punitives shelled the territory of the republic 668 times,, including with the use of heavy artillery’, he said. He added that the most suffered territories were in Zaytsevo, Volvo-Center, Zhabunki and Staromihaylovka, moreover, Dokuchaevsk was subjected to shelling also.+ UAF shelled DPR territory 273 times for the last 24 hours; main forces were focused at Kominternovo. The situation remains tense. It was reported to DAN by the DPR Defence Ministry.
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