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Tragedy in Bosse (Donetsk)…1 year passed (VIDEO)


Rally-requiem dedicated to people dead in Bosse was held on 22nd January in the Donetsk microdistrict Bosse, stop of the trolleybus 17. About thousand of people came to commemorate people dead in that tragedy year ago. The head of the republic Alexandr Zaharchenko, city mayor Igor Martynov, deputies of the DPR and dwellers of the DPR attended this mourning event. ´God afternoon, dear countrymen, it is difficult to say not because of insult, because of bitterness of the loss…It has been already said…, all who committed this, they will be punished….We are commemorating today our countrymen who occurred year ago here under the shelling, these people wanted just living, there were no soldiers, there was not a frontline, Ukrainian fascists shelled civilians, and there are many such places in the Republic: Gorlovka, Shahtyorsk, Snezhnoe, and other cities and many other civilians died for freedom….For the holiest things, for the freedom of us, our children and our motherland, we are to remember each of them. I do not know how to call this crime, those who committed it are not people, they said many times that our children would not study, but to sit in basements, however we will live, we will bring up our children, we will educated them, we would do this and remember our countrymen who died for us. Cherished memory of them…´, the head of the DPR Alexandr Zaharchenko said. Be reminded, this tragedy happened in the Leninskiy district of Donetsk on 22nd January 2015. At 8.30 people harried up as usually to work to universities, and the city suddenly felt unbelievable grief when Ukrainian shells struck peaceful trolleybus 17, fragments flew away and damaged public transport, shops, houses, and 13 innocent people died, 17 got wounded. Donetsk would remember this for ever…. Nataliya Sinyavskaya
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