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Starobeshevskaya TPP provide strategic fuel reserve - Minugleenergo DNI


Donetsk, April 19 - DAN. Starobeshevskaya power station due to an increase in coal production DNR formed a strategic reserve of fuel. This was stated by Acting Minister of Energy and Coal country Ruslan Dubovskii.

"Deliveries to Starobeshevo TPP own production of fuel allowed to stably ensure the Republic's electricity needs, despite the difficult weather conditions, - quoted words of the head Minugleenergo today in the press service of the department. - Our ministry has managed in this difficult time to keep under control to ensure the energy security situation of the NPT. "

According to Dubrovsky, due to growth in coal production has been accumulated in the coal stock Starobeshevo TPP of about 220 thousand tons of fuel, and thus "create a strategic reserve for the country's energy security."

Earlier in the department of electricity Minugleeenergo DNR reported that the Republic does not buy electricity abroad - neither in Ukraine nor in Russia. Produced on Starobeshevskaya and Zuevskaya TPP electricity completely enough to ensure the country's needs. * RB * nk
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