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U.S.,Turkey, Saudi Arabia And Qatar Supplying Terrorist Groups With Weapons And Logistics !


Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have been supplying terrorists with weapons and food, supporting the attack on the Syrian village of Khan Tuman in Aleppo province. This was stated by Iranian Secretary of Expediency Council and former commander of the Corps “Revolutionary Guards” (elite units of the armed forces), Mohsen Rezaie.

“Terrorist groups have received arms, ammunition, money and food delivered from the southern Turkey and through its port of Iskenderun”, quoted him the Kayhan newspaper. “Saudi Arabia and Qatar have also provided assistance to the terrorists by sea”. In addition, according to Rezaie, “several generals from the US, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, specialized in specific military operations, recently joined the terrorists and led their actions in Khan Tuman”. According to Rezaie, such terrorist groups as “Jaysh al-Islam” and “Ahrar ash-Sham” (banned in Russia), support groups “Jabhat al-Nusra” and IS (banned in Russia) in the battle for Aleppo. Meanwhile, on May 11, US, Britain, France and Ukraine blocked the Russian proposal in the UN Security Council, for adding “Jaysh al-Islam” and “Ahrar ash-Sham” into the list of terrorist organizations and their exclusion from the peace process in Syria.
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