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Seselj Leader Of The Radical Party Serbia Says Election Results Rigged And Blames The U.S. Regime !


He told a news conference in Belgrade on Thursday that this was done “in order to artificially add up to the threshold” – i.e., allow the SDS-LDP-LSV and Dveri-DSS coalitions to win seats in the National Assembly.


According to Seselj, this brings into question the legitimacy of the future parliament, “and that is why electoral legislation needs to be changed, and then new parliamentary elections to be held, urgently.”

He said that “a precedent” like the alleged violations of electoral legislation and the Constitution over the past week “never happened since the renewal of the multi-party system.”

Seselj said it was U.S. Ambassador Kyle Scott who was “responsible” – he was at the DS HQ during election night on April 24 – “and then intervened in the Republic Electoral commission and the Republic Statistical Office.”

“There is a huge flaw to these elections and that’s why new ones must be held. The SRS is currently alone in this position, but we are used to telling the truth to the people, and nobody can sway us from doing that,” the SRS leader said.

He reiterated that the Radicals (SRS), which have now returned to parliament, will stand for changes in electoral legislation, and new elections afterwards.

Seselj denied that SRS supporters voted for the SNS during Wednesday’s repeat elections in 15 polling stations, saying that his party’s worse results compared to April 24 came due to “a lack of interest (to vote) from the membership.”

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