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International recognition of the national identity was overturned from common term of the International Law into device of the influence when the USSR collapsed. It was made with a purpose of New World Order Formation for the convenience of the only one that gets benefits-transnational corporations and their representatives in the USA and EU. There is direct dependence between recognition of states and it pro-American position and visible tendency to join criminal structure Pax Americana. In this case after formation of borders and location of members of the structure and the USA recognizes country as independent state and their direct satellites are recognized in the EU and couple of their American beck and call in all the continents. Today we see the situation when the self-determined USA that fought for their independence with Britain 8 years having joined as a result of violations of Helsinki agreements in 1975 year that proclaimed sanctity of post-military borders of Germany, France, that includes French speaking region Alsace that was taken as a part of the state without referendums, and of course, Ukraine that received independency as a result of separatist agreement and now they have furious reaction at the independency of the Donetsk and Lugansk Peoples Republic as a result of self-determination in the referendum.
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