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Ukraine Government A Mockery, Fake, And Lies, The Same Old Faces Holding Onto Power ~ Opposition Block Party


Ukraine’s Opposition Block party has described Thursday’s statement by Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk on unity among members of the government as a fake and a political game. The party said it in a statement published at its official website. “The cabinet’s emergency meeting showed that its unity is little more than the facelift at the dilapidated building of the government,” the party said. “The statements of the ministers about the resignation have proved to as faked as all the declarations about everyday routine work over the reforms. “Today’s statement on unity is in the same measure a political game for holding the grip on power and it will bring nothing but harm along with it,” the party said. The opposition characterized the cabinet’s report, which the government published at its website, as a mixture of lies and populism. “This report does not contain a single word about reality – the all-round irresponsibility of the powers that be, corruption, the impoverished country and its people robbed by prices and tariffs,” the statement said. The Opposition Block urged the people to perish the expectations that the ministers would produce reforms and “to send this fake government packing instead.” Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk spoke of unity among members of the government at an emergency meeting of the cabinet earlier on the same day. He thanked the ministers for their performance and pointed out their team spirit.+ Along with it, he made calls “for exceptionally decent and transparent work and unity among the government, President and parliament.” A number of ministers revoked their letters of resignation at the meeting and spoke in favor of continuing work at ministerial positions.
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