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Kiss Crimea Goodbye ! She Will Never Return To Ukraine But Stay Where She Belongs, Mother Russia !


Crimea will never return to Ukraine, Sergey Aksyonov, the head of Crimea, said in response to a European Parliament’s resolution passed on Thursday.+ “No one is going to return Crimea to Ukraine. We have already returned to our historical homeland. This is our final choice, which needs no revision. No decisions made by European Parliaments will change that,” Aksyonov’s press service quoted him as saying. Aksyonov believes that Europe is fulfilling a political order from overseas when it adopts such documents. “There is no point in paying attention to these inadequate resolutions. The inhabitants of Crimea have got used to this kind of statements and are not surprised when European politicians take black for white. It’s getting more funny to listen to this pack of lies,” Aksyonov added. Earlier on Thursday, the European Parliament adopted a resolution, which links the lifting of the anti-Russian sanctions imposed after Crimea’s reunification with Russia to the peninsula’s return to Ukraine. The European deputies repeated that the European Union considered Crimea’s reunification with Russia to be illegitimate. The restoration of Ukraine’s control over the peninsula is one of the conditions necessary for resuming cooperation with Russia, including the lifting of the existing sanctions, the European Parliament’s resolution said.
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