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News Update PKK And Kurdistan, 28 Slain And Many Wounded Trapped In Basement Being Bombed !


Thursday, January 28, 2016 11:30 AM

1/ ~   28 slain and wounded people who remain stuck in a basement for 5 days are yet to be reached.
 As the atrocity of Turkish Nazi forces is getting heavier in Kurdish towns under curfew, 28 people who are trapped in a basement in Cudi neighborhood for 5 days continue suffering a deliberate torture. The ongoing denial of ambulance access to the area has since left 5 of them dead due to loss of blood.  While the wounded last managed to speak on phone 5 hours ago, HDP Şırnak MP Faysal Sarıyıldız who is in the town himself said on his Twitter account that the ambulances and funeral vehicles sent to the scene to retrieve the casualties are being kept outside the neighborhood. Sarıyıldız said; “Military vehicles were last reported to be at the basement’s door 5 hours ago. No contact with the wounded since.”

Earlier today, armored vehicles of Turkish Nazi forces started to attack the building with heavy artillery and mortar fire short before the arrival of Cizre Municipality ambulances that were allowed only today to go to the scene and retrieve the casualties. However, ambulances were also stopped on their way and taken to the police directorate in Konak neighborhood where they are being held waiting since. While the building remains under artillery and mortar fire, state forces that surrounded the area with armored vehicles earlier today made announcements calling on the people inside to “surrender”. Sarıyıldız said it was an attempt of massacre to impose surrender on the wounded people who cannot stand up or go out of that basement even. He underlined that; “State forces must be withdrawn from the area and ambulances must be sent to the scene to get them out in the shortest time possible.”

2/ As the state of siege continues in Şırnak’s Cizre district in its 45th day, arbitrary and deliberate attacks and obstructions by Nazi Turkish Junta state forces are causing further right’s  violations every passing hour and day.  The building where 28 slain and wounded people still remain trapped in Cudi neighborhood is persistently being shelled for the past 3 three days. While the wounded people, 4 of whom died of blood loss since, are still trapped in the basement, the building has largely collapsed due to the ongoing aggression.  A mortar shell fired by Turkish military hit the house late yesterday evening. The shell exploded in the second storey of the building, as a result of which those in the basement are facing even heavier circumstances since, having difficulty in breathing even.

Cizre People’s Council co-chair Mehmet Tunç, who is together with the injured people for 4 days, told this morning that Sultan Irmak (15), Veli Çiçek (13) and Nusret Bayar are in a rapidly deteriorating situation.  Tunç underlined that Nazi Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will be responsible for probable grave consequences, and called everyone to go there to help them, adding that those remaining silent on the situation there will also be as responsible as Erdoğan himself.  In the meantime, HDP Şırnak MP Faysal Sarıyıldız, who is in town himself, told ANF that he and mothers of the wounded will go to the neighborhood in the coming hours today to reach the trapped casualties under fire.

3/ PLOT SURPRISE ATTACK ~ Endless efforts have finally forced Turkish Junta authorities to allow ambulances to Cizre’s Cudi neighborhood where 28 slain and wounded people remain trapped in a basement for the past 5 days.  In addition to a denial of urgent access to treatment, the victimised civilians are also being targeted by Turkish state forces with gunfire. Five of them have died from loss of blood since.  In the wake of an approval by District Governor’s Office, ambulances of Cizre Municipality were allowed to go to the scene to retrieve the casualties. Yet, Turkish Nazi security forces stopped the ambulances on their way and took them to the police headquarters in Konak neighborhood.

HDP MP Faysal Sarıyıldız who is also in the town said that the ambulances were sent to the scene within the knowledge of district governor’s office and police directorate.

In the meantime, armored vehicles have surrounded the building where the wounded are, and started an intense artillery attack on the surroundings. Sarıyıldız remarked that the building came under heavy artillery and mortar fire short before the arrival of ambulances.  HDP deputy wrote on his Twitter account that; “There are only five dead people in that basement now. If it ends up in more casualties, this will mean an execution. The people there are facing a plot and under the threat of an imminent massacre.”

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