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Boring output: Donetsk Philharmonic organized a concert for children of the Kiev-controlled cities


Children from Ukrainian-controlled authorities of the Donetsk region visited the Donetsk state academic Philharmonic. Artists companies organized for them a tour and a concert in the framework of the campaign "enjoyable weekend".

"Our main goal is to bring people together, because everyone understands that we divided deliberately and unnatural border that should not be. For all residents of Donbas on both sides of the line of demarcation is clear that we – a single whole. And here are the different activities we are trying to prove that for us there is no division into "us" and "them." We have one language – Russian, the same mentality, the same values", – told reporters the General Director of the Philharmonic Alexander Paretsky.

Today the Philharmonic accompanied by an adult visited 30 children with "that part of the Donbass". Artist of the Philharmonic, a master of the word Eleanor, Chawla held for the younger guests a tour of the facility. She told the children about the history of the Philharmonic and about the famous composer, native of Donbass Sergei Prokofiev, after whom it is named. The children also visited the dressing rooms of the artists and rehearsal halls.

After the tour in the small hall the small audience waited for the concert "Hello, Sunny summer!". After the concert the bus with the children went to the Museum. There they were given a tour.

Earlier on June 10 in the framework of the campaign "enjoyable weekend" 20 children from the Kiev-controlled cities of Donbass visited the Republican Museum of local lore. In addition, they watched the fairy tale "Thumbelina" in the Donetsk Republican universal scientific library named after N. To. Krupskaya.

We will remind that on 17 February 2017 of the head of DPR and LPR Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitskiy approved the humanitarian programme for reunification of the people of Donbass. It includes providing medical and financial assistance, the creation of quotas for higher and secondary special education, sports, and activities for the conservation of spiritual and cultural values, which can take part residents of temporarily controlled by the Kyiv territory.
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