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Copy of the Victory Banner arrived to Shahtyorsk


Copy of the Victory Banner arrived to Shahtyorsk on the Eve of the holiday f the Great Victory, it is a flag that became the symbol of the end of the Great Patriotic War.

How it was reported by the press-service of the administration of Shahtyorsk, the event of the banner disposal was held in the park of culture and resort f Shahtyorsk. The head of the city administration Alexay Shvydkiy addressed to people with a speech.

According to his order the flag was streamed. ‘We can point out joyfully that patriotism of our city is rising. Shahtyorsk is a city where was crucial battle in the war of the militia against UAF (Ukraine Armed Forces). In actual fact, here DPR Army was established. And the appearance of the banner in our city is very symbolic. We are generation of winners and we winn!’, Shvydkiy pointed out.

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