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Russian Emergencies Ministry convoy unloaded in warehouses and LC went way back - UCV


Donetsk, April 21 - DAN. Column "white truck" after unloading at warehouses Makeyevka and Donetsk left in the direction of the Russian border. This DAN According to the press service of the Control Center, the restoration of the DNI.

"All the machines are unloaded, the convoy left the warehouse and headed in the direction of the border with the Russian Federation", - informed in the UCV.

Recall, today's convoy was the 51 th in a row. Russian Emergency Situations Ministry delivered to the Republic of nearly 800 tons of humanitarian aid. Since the beginning of deliveries at Donbass (August 2014) "white trucks" were taken to the DNR about 23,500 tons of food, building materials, seeds for sowing, medicine and other aid. * U * v
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