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Chapter DNI ordered Victory Day veterans pay a one-time financial assistance


Donetsk, April 21 - DAN. Chapter DNR Alexander Zakharchenko has signed the decree "On granting a one-time cash assistance to the Victory Day in 2016". The document published today on the official website of the Republic and entered into force from the date of publication.

"In order to express gratitude to the veterans of the war, to perpetuate the memory of the victims, preserving the traditions and ensure the payment of a one-time cash assistance to war veterans and persons equated to them, I resolve to make the payment of one-time cash assistance to the Victory Day," - says the document.

According to the decree, the payment of war invalids of all three groups, persons equated to them and their families, combatants, prisoners of concentration camps, ghettos and other places of detention WWII. The amount of payment varies from 1 to 6000 rubles, depending on the category.

Monitor the implementation of the Decree is entrusted to the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and the Ministry of Finance of the People's Republic of Donetsk.

The decree was signed by the Head of the Republic of 14 April 2016.
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