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The unity of Ukraine in its diversity, the country should be "re-collect", said the Head of the DNI


Donetsk, April 20 - DAN. The strength of Ukraine was in its cultural and historical diversity, but politicians deliberately turned this advantage into a problem. This was stated by head of DNR Alexander Zakharchenko within the on-line conference with the residents of Kharkiv region. "The slogan" For a United Ukraine "is a substitution of concepts, - said the head of state. - You are trying to convince that it is a "unified" Ukraine as an "equal" Ukraine. And this is a lie, and a lie harmful. Ukraine - is different, and this is its potential resource. But politicians in 25 years turned into a resource problem, and now in the cause of war. " Zakharchenko said that now the Ukrainians need to start putting the country again, recognizing the rights of the inhabitants of individual regions. "It seems to me that you have to refute this lie on the same Ukraine and recognizing its diversity, start putting the country again with other regions, recognizing the right of everyone to be himself: with their traditions, language and cultural preferences, and even with its politics of memory" - summed up the head of the DNI.
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