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Chechen leader Kadyrov believes his mission accomplished, ready for another job


Chechnya’s leader Ramzan Kadyrov believes that his mission as the head of the North Caucasian republic is accomplished and is ready for another job if the country’s leadership says so, Kadyrov told the Russian News Service radio station on Tuesday. “Does Kadyrov want to work on? No, I do not,” Kadyrov asked rhetorically. “Nowadays the times have changed from the economic and social points of view. We have more professional people on the team. I think I have done my duty.” “Those people who lead us, check on us, watch and balance see better what is needed for further development and what is needed so that this development would not stumble,” he said. “Everything is in Allah’s hands. I am an infantry soldier. If they say to serve further on, I will serve on. If (they say) let’s say goodbye, I will say goodbye,” Kadyrov added. Earlier in February, Kadyrov, who has been heading the republic so turbulent in the past since 2007, said that he had not taken a decision on running for another term. His current term in office ends in early April. On September 18, 2016 Chechnya will elect a new head.
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