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Participants of the operation
Baderists march in Slavyansk was possible in conditions of temporary occupation, expert


Citizens of occupied by Ukrainian fighters Slavyansk are victims of oсcupation and march in honour of Stepan Banderawas held there yesterday, on 1st January. It was announced to DAN by the head teacher of the philosophy department of the Donetsk National University Andrey Konovalov.

‘The main part of the Slavyansk population are adequate people, they are depressed, they are victims of these circumstances’, Konovalov told to the agency.

He pointed out that the same participants of the torch march held in Slavyansk on 1st January were notices in other marches in other cities.

In regard to his words, majority regions of Ukraine glorified Bandera and his assistants many time even before the coup in 2014. ‘We have already seen this in Ukraine before its aggression, in Harkov, Odessa, the only place where Banderistish faced obstacles was Donbass’, Konovalov pointed out.

Be reminded that torch marches dedicated to the Birthday of Bandera were organized in Kiev, Kvov, Lutsk, Kirovograd, Dnepropetrovsk, Sumy and Herson.


Translated by Nataliya Sinyavskaya

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