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35 Turkish Junta Military And Police Dead And 7 Wounded ! – Released Statement By Kurdish Resistance YDG-H


As Kurdish people’s self-rule resistance in response to the attacks of Turkish forces continues, actions by local self-defense units left 35 members of Turkish military and police forces dead, and 7 others wounded in Cizre and Silopi districts of Şırnak. Patriotic Revolutionary Youth’s Movement (YDG-H) has released a statement providing information regarding the actions conducted by their side in response to the attacks by state forces. CİZRE YDG-H stated that Turkish military continues attacking Nur and Cudi neighborhoods of Cizre from the Garrison Command in the district. The neighborhood held by self-defense units also targeted by fire from armored vehicles. An action by YDG-H units left an armored vehicle destroyed, and 3 members of state forces dead. On 27 December, state forces attacked Çemruke neighborhood from three sides. During the clashes that erupted upon the response of self-defense, 14 members of state forces were killed and 7 others were wounded. SİLOPİ 9 special operation police were killed in self-defense actions in Zap and Barbaros neighborhoods of Silopi yesterday. Self-defense units conducted another action against several forcibly evacuated houses in Nuh neighborhood, which left 9 other members of special operation teams dead. The statement underlined that attacks of the exploitative AKP regime against the areas of self-rule will not go unanswered. Stressing that Kurdish people’s right to self-governance is legitimate, YDG-H called upon tha patriotic youths of Kurdistan to spread and enhance the resistance across the Kurdistan territory.
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